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Updated: Jun 5

I've given the site a bit of a refresh over the past few days and added a new booking system that integrates all the diffferent options for coming to stay here at the farm, including in the farmhouse, bell tent, and camping in our lovely meadow.

So click on the new buttons and calendars and give it a whirl. There's not too much availability left in the farmhouse at weekends this summer so be quick if you want to stay there. There's more options during the week and I've launched a separate WorkTripp page describing what the farm offers for work stays, corporate offsites and retreats.

But if you're done with work, you'll be looking to play, and for that I highly recommend you come to this year's Menagerie festival. It will be a lot of fun.

Get a £15 discount on tickets with the code PITCHCOTT85

Gareth & Anna have put together a fabulous programme to keep you all entertained with live music, DJs, talks, workshops, activities, art, food, drink & dancing.

I'm looking forward to playing a Saturday night DJ set as well as introducing a new daytime concept 'Rhythm & Rapture' which will draw influences from the conscious dance practices of 5 Rhythms and Ecstatic Dance.

And following the Menagerie weekend I'll be staying at the farm for PitchShift which this year will be a community dance camp from July 23-28 where we will gather wood and build an open fire around which to make wholesome food, conversation and music together.

I hope to see you there and/or at Menagerie - and for any questions about staying at the farm this summer please feel free to contact me via the button below.

Warm wishes


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