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July 23-28 2024

 ‘We believe that many of our modern crises, from climate change to biodiversity loss, to general mental and physical wellbeing, can only be tackled systematically, by bringing people into the natural world to rediscover their ecological belonging. The emergence of community centred projects such as Pitch Shift will play a key role in revitalising local economies and re-invigorating relationships between people and also people and planet’.

Michel Thill, Social Landscapes

These are just some of the comments from PitchShift participants over the past three years:

This year we will come together for a community camp at the farm from July 23rd to 28th.  

'PitchShift transforms a farm into a playground for eco-learning, community and personal growth'


'From the moment you pitch up, there is something magical, which carries across the weekend'

'Medicine for the soul'

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